Asli Perker was born in Izmir and moved all around the country due to her parents’ jobs throughout her school years. She graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Science, American Studies Department at Dokuz Eylul University. She started her writing career right after she graduated at an ad agency as a copy writer and then turned to journalism. She worked at Aktuel News Magazine, Radikal, Yeni Binyil and Sabah Newspapers. After relocating to New York in 2001, she worked as a translator/interpreter and started focusing on her literature career. She wrote a column titled “From New York” both for a daily national newspaper and a monthly women’s magazine. Her first novel, Baskalarinin Kokusu (The Scent of the Others) was published in 2005. Her second novel Cellat Mezarligi (Executioner’s Graveyard), translated into 8 languages, followed in 2009. Sufle (Souffle) came out in February 2011 and is translated into 23 languages. Her latest novel Bana Yardim Et (Help Me) came out in September 2015. Perker still continues to write cover stories for Milliyet Book Review and articles for Milliyet Arts Magazine. The stories of her fictional character, a literature detective, appears on www.milliyetsanat.com. She resides in Istanbul now.

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