She’s lost sleep a while ago, her eyes have sunken deep into dark circles, but Asli still keeps her secret to herself, determined not to talk to anyone, find comfort in someone.

The only person she would talk to, her grandmother, has past away recently anyway. No one else matters.

She is not close to pets as much as she is not close to people. She might be one of the few writers who doesn’t like cats, but she starts living with one when she gets accepted in the writers’ residency program in Austria.

The cat is not the only one who is new in her life. She meets a 130-years-old woman who claims she can’t die. And becomes friends with a handsome handicapped man.

Is the old woman a lier? Has her grandmother reincarnated in the cat? How many times can someone become a murderer? Above all, is this really the best time for love?!

“I cannot believe that my grandmother is really gone. Since the day she’s died. Sometimes I feel like she is just next to me. I smell her fragrance. She used the same perfume till she past away. It smelled like soap. I keep smelling it. Especially when the cat is near me. Also she comes and sits next to me when I’m reading something out loud. I mean…”

“Like your grandmother.”


She is embarrassed to have said that. But she had.

“You think that I’d say you are crazy because you are telling me the cat might be your grandmother, is that right?”

Asli nods.

“My dear, I’m a woman who says she can’t die. I? I am going to think you’re crazy? You are really sweet.”